Updating mame dating tbes

This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions.

updating mame-49

As always, source and Windows binaries are available from the download page.

Whether you’re experiencing a cold snap in Spring or an Autumn heatwave, we hope you’ll enjoy MAME 0.195 just in time for the last day of February.

MAME 0.196, our March release, is here just in time for Easter, and it’s packed with all the goodness you’ve come to expect.

In a very exciting development, Team Caps0ff have extracted the C-chip data for Volfied, Superman, Rainbow Islands, and most importantly, Bonze Adventure.

We’ve also added VM Labs Aries disassembly support (this is the multi-core VLIW processor used in NUON-enhanced DVD players).

This month, we’ve seen far more internal improvement, code cleanup and modernisation than user-visible improvements.Namco NA1 emulation has been overhauled, with big visual improvements for Numan Athletics and X-Day 2.Background alignment has been fixed in Popeye, and the driver has been cleaned up overall.Besides the new working systems, this release includes preliminary support for a number of interesting systems.These include the Xavi X platform (used for the Taito Nostalgia and Play TV/Connec TV lines), the Olympia BOSS, and the Panafacom Duet.Other new working arcade games include Big Buck Hunter, an older joystick-controlled version of Ghox, and a rare unprotected version of Opa Opa.

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