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The reasons for Apple blocking of the Flash player for i Phone/i Pad are below.Also Adobe has stopped the development of Flash for mobile devices. You can use the apps below to watch local or online Flash based websites, games and videos.You can feel free to browse Flash websites on your i OS devices.

Moreover, you can use all the customization and integrated features offered in Firefox Add-ons, Plug-ins, Toolbars and Extensions.

The Premium version provide more features like Video mode, VPN ecrypted connection(for public Wi Fi protection, and to bypass web filter/firewalls), sync and Java.

It has the latest adobe Flash support and full web page display.

It offers incredible loading speed with its revolutionary Java Script engine and cloud computing technology.

Photon Browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative.

It is designed to offer better playback experience as a Flash Player for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch.

Wanted to play Flash videos or games on your i Phone or i Pad?

Unfortunately, Apple devices don't support Flash and there is no Adobe Flash player for i Pad and i Phone.

The Skyfire Horizon browser extensions lets you customize more than 15 of your favorite browser tools like social media, newsfeeds or shopping.

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