Free cam chows - Updating firmware iq

No confirmation on resolution yet, however we will post any update from Qolsys here. Unfortunately due to the non-standard version being reported we cannot send an update through This was downloaded directly through the Qolsys servers.Is there a reason to think the code for the update was from a different source? I just really need this thing up and running as soon as possible.

updating firmware iq-79

Again, just the generic “upgrade using network” to stay up-to-date.

Literally the only circumstance was that I hit “upgrade using network” yesterday afternoon.

Did it reboot on its own during that original 3 hours?

Using the time in the upper right hand as a surrogate (it never moves in real time and only updates on reboot despite the dial spinning), it’s been rebooting on a cycle every 30 minutes or so since yesterday. Can you confirm whether there is any change at the panel?

I gave things another 10 hours straight without any intervention. It does appear to update the time every 30-45 minutes or so.

The panel is completely non-functional in the interim.

Thank you, that’s good to know and may help point to the issue.

We are discussing this issue with Qolsys right now.

Want a way to manually update the Foxtel i Q3 without the need to call or email Foxtel? This process is a little tricky but over time, we will simplify this.

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