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With that said, I recommend you continue reading, for a step-by-step guide on how to successfully repair the i Tunes error 3194.

For a lot of end users, error 3194 is the result of them using a jailbreak utility to modify the i OS of their device.

However, if the proceeding suggestions were unable to help you, then I recommend you continue reading.

I’ve written about the various things that are known to cause this error, now let me discuss the things that you can do to fix them.

Important Note: The i Tunes Error 3194 can also occur because of the wrong firmware version.

Always use the appropriate device-specific firmware files for your i Phone and i Pad, if doing manual updates.

That said it’s not uncommon for the end user to come face to face with the i Tunes error 3194 when attempting to update or restore their Apple device, the circumstances that you encounter this error in, does tend to vary, with some users report encountering it while attempting to update a jail-broken device, while others do not.

The i Tunes error 3194 is an error that I also have experienced, while attempting to restore an i Phone device, I was repeatedly greeted with the error 3194 message.However, it is best to avoid manual updates and let the i OS device update itself through standard software update mechanism.Also, do not forget to back up the i Phone or i Pad data before updating or restoring your device.In most cases, the jailbreak application will remove any changes that it has made to the operating system after it has finished modifying your device; however, that isn’t always the case.That said, for those of you, who have never used a jailbreak utility (which is a great many of you), the cause of error 3194 for you, is likely one of the following: If any of the causes outlined above are the culprits in your particular situation, then fixing the problem should be a breeze.Ultimately, temporarily disabling it is what you want to do, usually by right clicking on its icon in the Taskbar and selecting Disable.

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