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can be either a Windows collation name or a SQL collation name.If not specified, the database is assigned the collation of the instance of SQL Server.For more information about the Windows and SQL collation names, see COLLATE (Transact-SQL).

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Clearing the plan cache causes a recompilation of all subsequent execution plans and can cause a sudden, temporary decrease in query performance.

For each cleared cachestore in the plan cache, the SQL Server error log contains the following informational message: " SQL Server has encountered %d occurrence(s) of cachestore flush for the '%s' cachestore (part of plan cache) due to some database maintenance or reconfigure operations".

When you build query plans for SELECT statements, the query optimizer avoids nonclustered indexes and indexed views that reside in offline filegroups. However, if the offline filegroup contains the heap or clustered index of the target table, the SELECT statements fail.

Additionally, any INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement that modifies a table with any index in an offline filegroup will fail.

When a database is in the RESTORING state, most ALTER DATABASE statements will fail.

The exception is setting database mirroring options.

The ALTER DATABASE statement must run in autocommit mode (the default transaction management mode) and is not allowed in an explicit or implicit transaction.

The state of a database file (for example, online or offline), is maintained independently from the state of the database. The state of the files within a filegroup determines the availability of the whole filegroup.

DEFINITIONS “Agency Head” means, with respect to a State Agency, the head of that State Agency, whether titled Director, Secretary, or otherwise.

“Agency Inspector General” means each inspector general of a State Agency, other than the OEIG, including without limitation each of the inspectors general of the Department of Child and Family Services, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Department of Human Services, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, and any other statutorily-created inspector general of a State Agency.

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