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The default installation path is C:\Program Files\ZET 9\. Swiss Ephemeris calculation module (dll) release 2.05 swewin32_205unpack to [ZET 9] folder when program closed. See current installed version of the calculation module in "Help - About". Additional ZET fonts: -, contains a variant of ZET font with more bigger glyphs (Font0310file). After unzipping, a selection of files should appear in the "Sounds" folder.Do not use system folder "Program Files (x86)" with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10... aspack2- The aspect tables package for the study of directions, for quicker recognition of common age factors as used in directions, it allows one to see into the harmonic without changing the 'harmonic chart' on the 'zodiac' tab (by Dion van Zyl). - Font, contains a variant of ZET font (file Font SD.zfn) and asteroids gliphs file (Aster Font.dat). Before unzipping you can rename existing Aster file, if you wish to safe it. To turn sound effects on, select the option in the General Settings window.

updating dat-74

- @echo off bioschk3if errorlevel 1 goto South Bridge ROM : ECROM echo EC Side...

If "name" specified, override the default filename BIOS.

If still problem, shot the "User Account Control" Windows tool. Download the Windows Virtual PC from Microsoft web-site and install "Windows XP Mode". Install ZET to virtual Windows XP, which appears in the system. If you cannot run ZET for the first time after installation, then download Chineze Main, extract file, and replace existing one in ZET folder. When selected, the correct glyphs for planets should display on the chart wheel. It is thus recommended to choose the corresponding size of fonts of planet's list and texts.

To set this mode: - open menu of ZET shortcut on a desktop (right mouse click), - choose "Properties" item, - choose "Shortcut" tab, - click "Advanced" button, - check on "Run as Administrator" option, - click "OK" twice. Do not use ZET in maximized mode with Windows, 7, 8, it may dramatically reduces computer speed (but the full-screen mode is allowed). To do that click "Settings" button, select "General settings", "Misc." tab, click "^" degree symbol option. A True Type font is automatically installed - see Chart Settings, "Fonts", "True Type Font" option. Select the line "Winstar TT", and click "OK" You should now be able to use this font in the program. Follow the steps, let wineskin install gecko and choose the zet installation file, ie. Select it by "Chart Settings", "Font", "ZET Font", "...".

/DPM:string Specify motherboard product ID DMI string. /DSC:string Specify chassis serial number DMI string.

/E2Generate a new UUID when current UUID is (FFF...

/DMC:string Specify chassis manufacturer DMI string. /DMM:string Specify motherboard manufacturer DMI string. /DMS:string Specify system manufacturer DMI string. /DSS:string Specify system serial number DMI string.

/DSM:string Specify motherboard serial number DMI string. /DVM: string Specify motherboard version DMI string.

[Fn] [Esc] ( , FDD USB Flash, , , ).06 - FDD USB Flash07 - ~ 3-5 . (.., ; , , FDD USB Flash) 08 - FDD ( USB Flash), FDD ( USB Flash), (~ 1 .) .09 - Power - .

Crisis Recovery Mode - :00 - .01 - USB-FDD USB Flash02 - [Fn] [Esc] ( 06).03 - .04 - ( Power Button).05 - 10-15 .

/MFG Manufacturing mode - Automatically reboot without keypress.

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