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In my own test, I was not able to hear any DTS audio tracks through the software DVD player when connected to my DTS decoder.I was not able to test any USB or Fire Wire based solutions for the software DVD player.The 768k is obviously meant to save space and reduce the overall bit rate consumption of this sample project. DTS file type is a padded file type, and will not import with Apple's import function. WAV file format is used ordinarily for monitoring purposes and not for authoring. WAV file will be seen by DVD Studio Pro as an ordinary PCM formatted audio asset.

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PACK; however, rather than starting with AIFF as your uncompressed audio standard, you will need to start with the .

WAV format, which is the uncompressed audio format common to Windows.

This encoder runs on the Microsoft Windows platform and as such may require some extra work from anyone using a Macintosh since the encoder requires mono formatted files as its source material for encoding to DTS.

The workflow is similar to what you are used to with A.

No - This could be related to Windows, or possibly a hardware issue.

Try the steps listed in this Microsoft Support article first: Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs.This is similar to the way DVD Studio Pro supports AC-3 with the exception that the encoder is not included as it is for AC-3 with the addition of A. As a result, you'll need to introduce a third-party encoder into your workflow to add this sound format to your DVD project.One such encoder is the Sur Code DVD-DTS encoder (Sur Code DVD-DTS Encoder from Minnetonka Software).If that asset required a modification of any kind, often you were required to restart DVD Studio Pro in order to see any changes you had made with assets already in use by DVD Studio Pro.Those days are now behind you as DVD Studio Pro 3 allows you to edit any in-use Adobe Photoshop asset directly in Photoshop.WAV format as a starting point for bringing your audio into the Sur Code DTS-DVD encoder. Saving DTS files also differs from what you know of saving AC3 formatted files. Once you are ready to encode, you have the option of saving to three varying types of DTS. CPT file format, also known as Compact DTS, is the preferred DTS file type as it does not pad buffers with zeros until they are full. CPT based DTS audio asset and reveal its properties through the property inspector. This use of 1536 and 768 is because this is the bit rate at which each has been encoded.

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