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CPT file format is properly seen as DTS Audio, with all of its channels properly indicated and reproduced by DVD Studio Pro 3.Let's start with the most obvious, which is to simply use the encoder itself the same way you would with A. To do this you will need to use the options pull-down menu to set the default device options.No - This could be related to Windows, or possibly a hardware issue.

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Another new feature inside DVD Studio Pro 3 is its improved integration with Adobe Photoshop.

If you have used DVD Studio Pro in the past, then you know that once you brought in an asset, that was it.

This is similar to the way DVD Studio Pro supports AC-3 with the exception that the encoder is not included as it is for AC-3 with the addition of A. As a result, you'll need to introduce a third-party encoder into your workflow to add this sound format to your DVD project.

One such encoder is the Sur Code DVD-DTS encoder (Sur Code DVD-DTS Encoder from Minnetonka Software).

The 768k is obviously meant to save space and reduce the overall bit rate consumption of this sample project. DTS file type is a padded file type, and will not import with Apple's import function. WAV file format is used ordinarily for monitoring purposes and not for authoring. WAV file will be seen by DVD Studio Pro as an ordinary PCM formatted audio asset.

If you are not sure if your file is properly recognized, you can click on the imported audio asset in the Asset tab and refer to its property inspector. WAV file format, we see it is viewed as 2-channel wave audio: however, the .

For Final Cut Pro 4 users you may wish to open your exported .

AIF audio with Peak 3.3, and then export as dual mono . PACK you can see we start with the ability to encode varying separate uncompressed channels into a single DTS encoded file suitable for importation into DVD Studio Pro 3. PACK in that the channels must be in mono before the encoder will accept them. AC3 format, there is not one single file type created with the DTS encoder. Likewise the one on the bottom is called, "sample_cpt_768.cpt".

The results of that edit will be updated immediately, and reflected for your view inside DVD Studio Pro 3 the moment you save that edited asset inside Adobe Photoshop.

Here I have a chapter menu inside DVD Studio Pro 3.

PACK; however, rather than starting with AIFF as your uncompressed audio standard, you will need to start with the .

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