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Yet, as a owner of one of the discontinued devices I can’t help but feeling like I’ve been left out in the cold in the name of progress.Somehow I’m okay with my 3rd generation i Pad from 2012 also not getting i OS 10.

updating an ipod-86

A few moments later, your tired old 2010/2011 i Pod has magically transformed itself into a shiny new 2011/2012 i Pod.

And if you don't like the new, bigger icon view, you can revert to the little hard-to-press old ones.

Sure, the Nano got a built-in pedometer, bigger icons and a 18 different clock-face designs, but hardware-wise, it hasn't changed.

In fact, if you already have last year's Nano, you can get all these features – free – via a software update.

I’ve skipped the current generation i Pod touch (6th). It’s not like I can install any other operating system on the device to keep it current.

The 5th generation i Pod touch was introduced about three years ago, and I didn’t see any reason to update to the 6th generation. As an i OS user, I’m living at the mercy of Apple and their whims and priorities at any given time.

It’s the i Phone minus the 3G antenna and the expensive price tag, so you can afford to replace it more often.

Not that Apple has revised the i Pod touch models all that often to begin with.

Then along came i OS 10 and my impressions changed completely. The 5th generation model is just over two years old, and Apple will already stop providing software updates for it.

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