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The 0,000 will be rescinded pronto if a nativity is allowed on the premises.

The townspeople are up in arms, and then, of course, it is revealed that the corporation in question is the one funding the dam upriver which has put all of the farmers out of work. Her boss, played by Lisa Whelchel (the iconic Blair from "Facts of Life"), is devastated, but what can one person do against so many?

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Tyler perry dating anyone

Madea stalks around, sizing up the entire situation, and barking inappropriate comments in mixed company about farts and sexual encounters.

Conner's mom and pop are hillbillies out of the "Deliverance" playbook, bearing possum pie and moonshine, and a ribald sex life which they are not afraid to discuss in public, mortifying everyone (except Madea, who is delighted).

Meanwhile, exposition is thrown at us in messy splotches.

Eileen is upset that her daughter Lacey, who has moved to a small town in Alabama to teach at an elementary school, is not coming home for Christmas.

Lacey's mom is the biggest racist in the film (and that's saying a lot seeing as there is one scene where Madea stumbles into an actual Ku Klux Klan meeting), and refuses to treat the white people in her midst with even the barest bones of politeness.

Larry the Cable Guy and Madea get along like a house afire, which is one of the more bizarre elements of the film, ripe with comedic possibilities, some of which actually come to fruition.

His father (Chad Michael Murray) is one of the angry farmers in the town, and also, it turns out, was a bully himself as a young boy who tormented Conner mercilessly in school. And, most importantly, will a nativity be allowed at the Christmas Jubilee?

The film is chopped up episodically, with Christmas clip-art of bells and snowflakes wiping across the screen leaving a trail of glitter, cheap-looking and silly, and the whole thing feels thrown together in a hilarious weekend.

Madea is a road-of-least-resistance truth-talking loud-mouthed granny enveloped in gigantic muumuus and surrounded by dimwit members of her own family who either cower in fear of her, or underestimate her ability to cut through their malarkey. Malaprop of Perry's alternate universe, spouting homespun grammatically incorrect wisdom, and if you can't stand being in her presence then the Madea movies will be a nightmare. First, there's the opening scene with Madea dressed up in a Santa suit, being roped into working at an upscale department store by her niece Eileen (Anna Maria Horsford), who appears to be a straight-up sociopath.

I happen to find the schtick rather funny, especially when her eyes go dead and flat at the same time that she laughingly bull dozes her way into the heart of a situation. Things do not go well, when Madea straight-talks a poor plump woman who wants to buy some lingerie and also takes personal phone calls while standing at her station.

Odd that Tyler Perry would pursue financial remedy for a stalker situation, but he believes that he is entitled to the money because of the “discomfort and annoyance caused by the diminished value of peaceful enjoyment” he now has to endure.

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