Troy and gabriella dating

Gabriella sighed and laid her head on her boyfriend's chest.

She snuggled into his side as he put his arms around her."I love you, Gabriella.

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He kissed her on the lips when they sat down and Gabriella deepened it.

Troy laid under Gabriella as she laid on his chest and didn't break the kiss.

Gabriella and Troy both got up and got ready for the day.

They were going to go out later with Taylor and Chad.

Troy Bolton opened the door and closed the his car door.

He walked to the front door of his Albuquerque home that he shared with his girlfriend, Gabriella and unlocked the door.

They met through Gabriella's best friend, Taylor Mc Kessie.

Since then, their relationship has blossomed into a serious relationship."What do you want to do tonight, Gab?

When the movie ended, Troy looked over and saw Gabriella asleep. Troy walked to the bedroom that he and Gabriella shared and tucked her in. Troy moved close to Gabriella and kissed her cheek."I love you, Gabriella" Troy said as he started to fall asleep."I love you, Troy" Gabriella mumbled in her sleep. The next morning, Gabriella woke up and saw that Troy was still asleep.

She got up carefully and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

I just want to wait until we are married and stable" Troy said as he turned the movie on.

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