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‘He said he wanted them to experience the city for themselves.

But when we got there he decided they didn’t like it for some reason.

He's the first to admit that he's probably the only gay farmboy stand-up comic in the world.

It’s probably the Irish in him, but he never seemed to show any signs of wear and tear the next day.

Whatever state he was in the night before, he never missed a commitment.’Patterson also describes Norton’s incredible obsession with his pets, to the extent that he once chartered a private jet to fly his dogs to New York with him because he couldn’t bear to leave them behind.‘I was amazed and he would be the first to say that it was a ridiculously extravagant thing to do,’ Patterson says.

"Even in places like Red Deer, where I thought I'd be burned alive, people have been very open and accepting." Yuk Yuk's comics and crowds aren't known for their gay-friendly vibe. "I think talking about my experiences, including being gay, and getting this instant approval from a crowd has been the most validating experience of my life. Being gay probably held me back for the first 20 or 22 years of my life. Now it's almost propelling my career." Yeah, but that doesn't solve his biggest dilemma - namely, how to meet Alanis Morissette. "Even on the way here, I listened to Jagged Little Pill." He points to his pink i Pod. And since I can't sing, maybe being funny is the next best way." Well, Trevor. Homo hilarity Here are a few more queer comics making noise at this week's fest.

More than once I've seen a comic say, "That's so gay" as a putdown. "I'm the only openly gay male comic on Yuk Yuk's roster," he says. KATE CLINTON (May 25 at pm) Hard to believe Clinton's been out and making us laugh about it for 25 years.

"People in the industry get caught up in who's getting what," he says. The two met in Winnipeg after Boris had already moved to Toronto. I don't think I get treated any differently because I'm gay." And the role model thing? "I used to joke that she was the reason I went into comedy.

When the gay wedding show was taping a segment in Vegas, the two went, and Boris proposed at midnight, complete with a singing gondolier. Boris has never felt uncomfortable being a gay comic. "I don't think of myself as one, although I've gotten a few e-mails, which is flattering," he says. I figured if I was famous, too, that would be my best chance.TREVOR BORIS performing with Linda Ellis as part of the WE'RE FUNNY THAT WAY FESTIVAL at Buddies in Bad Times (12 Alexander), Friday (May 26), pm. But that's exactly what comic Trevor Boris did a couple of years ago. Rating: If there were a list of things not to do as an entertainer, coming out to your parents during a live stand-up show would be near the top.But now they're back, bitchier and more politically incorrect than ever.Look for bits on Terry Schiavo, Ann Coulter and one dirty knock-knock joke.Patterson, handsome and slim-hipped, looked dazzling in his smart jeans and blazer as he posed beside Norton for the paparazzi at the event.

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