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"I sometimes feel like Kalin Porter," he says about his Much popularity, which has led to work on the next Much Music Video Awards. They think I'm super-famous." While Maggie Cassella's WFTW fest is a queer event, it's important to note that Boris honed his routine at so-called mainstream comedy clubs - first at Winnipeg's Rumours and then at Yuk Yuk's, where owner Mark Breslin discovered him one amateur night and encouraged him to move to Toronto. A few minutes into his act, he talks about having broken up with his girlfriend. "When they're on your side, you have a lot more leeway in what you can talk about," he explains. In fact, in person and onstage, Boris comes across as completely gay - in the original sense of the word, that is."There are comics who feed on fighting with an audience, struggling with them. It's hard not to be carried along by his sunny, enjoyably catty observations about pop culture, bizarre news stories (for instance, that straight girls find kissing more intimate than oral sex) and his former life back in Manitoba as a farmer. Yes, the gay farmboy background isn't a joke - it's even part of his act.But now they're back, bitchier and more politically incorrect than ever.

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"People in the industry get caught up in who's getting what," he says. The two met in Winnipeg after Boris had already moved to Toronto. I don't think I get treated any differently because I'm gay." And the role model thing? "I used to joke that she was the reason I went into comedy.

When the gay wedding show was taping a segment in Vegas, the two went, and Boris proposed at midnight, complete with a singing gondolier. Boris has never felt uncomfortable being a gay comic. "I don't think of myself as one, although I've gotten a few e-mails, which is flattering," he says. I figured if I was famous, too, that would be my best chance.

It’s probably the Irish in him, but he never seemed to show any signs of wear and tear the next day.

Whatever state he was in the night before, he never missed a commitment.’Patterson also describes Norton’s incredible obsession with his pets, to the extent that he once chartered a private jet to fly his dogs to New York with him because he couldn’t bear to leave them behind.‘I was amazed and he would be the first to say that it was a ridiculously extravagant thing to do,’ Patterson says.

‘He said he wanted them to experience the city for themselves.

But when we got there he decided they didn’t like it for some reason.

Patterson, handsome and slim-hipped, looked dazzling in his smart jeans and blazer as he posed beside Norton for the paparazzi at the event.

It was, he says, remarkably easy to get used to the preferential treatment in restaurants, the first-class travel, the private plane, and being with someone who was recognised everywhere he went.

"Come to think of it, it was probably the only niche left in comedy." When he was 18, he bought 160 acres of land, and the profits helped send him to university, where he took classes and tried his hand at stand-up. "But I don't know where else I'd get that kind of attention." His fiancé, Cole, is a hairdresser in Forest Hill.

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