Travis garland dating aubrey

Since the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp is yet another reality star installment, everyone in the cast is already a "celebrity," like the Situation (from Jersey Shore) and Kendra Wilkinson (from Girls Next Door).

So who is Travis Garland, one of the new stars of Marriage Boot Camp ?

The former boybander fully displayed his ear-pleasuring vocals and SUPER smooth dance moves during his SEXY performance of Thirty-five has never looked so FIERCE!

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It’s surprising that MTV reality TV veterans Aubrey and Pauly haven’t met before – they have so much in common; including a mutual friend in The Situation! Diddy’s Making the Band 3 way back in the day when Pauly D was also on Jersey Shore.

Aubrey also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice (the Teresa Giudice season).

Pauly showed us that you can keep baby mama drama quiet with the right attitude about working together.

Ironically, last season Aubrey appeared on Marriage Boot Camp with her then boyfriend Travis Garland, who eviscerated her and accused her of cheating. Aubrey, Pauly and the other celebs are sequestered together for about a month, and the close confines obviously helped these two form an even closer connection.

Saturday was a milestone birthday for us and we spent the entire evening in our pajamas at the El Rey with our closest friends and family!!

We are simply honored and blessed to have so many ah-mazing people in our lives!

And now reality TV has brought them together again!

Aubrey announced their coupledom by sharing a cuddly instagram pic (click the link to see it! However, she and Pauly confirmed to TMZ that they’re a hot item now. “It’s very new — they’re both having fun.”During her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, the Dumb Blonde singer revealed herself to be much smarter than she acts – and surprisingly calculating – Aubrey almost made it to the finals.

O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane, is currently in a new group called Dumblonde with Shannon Bex, one of her ex-bandmates.

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