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However, I do have some pictures from other states also. Just because you live in a trailer doesn't make you trash, but needless to say, there are a lot of people out there that keep the term, "trailer trash" going. So, feel free to send me some pictures and I'll gladly put them on my page. I live in Winfield, MO a rural area, so I have a lot to choose from. It's unfortunate to me, and all others that live in a trailer and keep it looking good, but it's a stereotype we all must live with. I don't know why I get a kick out of trailer trash, maybe it's that no two are alike.

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These – sometimes by choice and sometimes through local zoning laws – gathered in trailer camps, and the people who lived in them became known as "trailer trash".

Despite many of them having jobs, albeit sometimes itinerant ones, the character flaws that had been perceived in poor white trash in the past were transferred to trailer trash, and trailer camps or parks were seen as being inhabited by retired persons, migrant workers, and, generally, the poor.

The KKK is condemned by most "Confederate" organizations.

This term is said to have originated in England before the 16th century, refering to the lower class whose diet primarily consisted of "crackers", actually biscuits.

Enslaved African-Americans told tales to their children of a Boogie Man who would abduct you, kill you or otherwise cause harm to you if you were to leave the plantation.

The Boogie man of which they spoke was in essence the white man.

Billy Ray Cyrus' song "Burn Down the Trailer Park" and Toby Keith's song "Trailerhood" and contain humorous lyrics about living in a trailer park.

Colt Ford's song "No Trash in My Trailer" (2009) tells of a redneck-type male who throws his girlfriend out of his mobile home, the message being "there ain't no trash in my trailer, since the day I threw you outta here." The song "Trailer Trash" appears on Modest Mouse's album The Lonesome Crowded West (1997).

In addition, I travel around the state every now and then, and I'm always looking for pictures worthy of this site. You might be, but keep in mind, I'm not making fun of poor people.

It is truly amazing how creative trailer trash can be. Why is it they always have junkers in the yard that haven't run since Carter was president, and the cars they do have don't have any exhaust? They use anything they can find to create underpinning, if they have any at all.

They were accused of having loose morals, high illegitimacy rates, and of allowing prostitution to thrive in their "Hillbilly Havens".

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