Top intimidating dogs 100 gratis webcam i sverige

Click the tabs below to learn about the best dog breeds to help protect your home.The German Shepherd originated in Germany to guard and herd sheep.Scotties are fast and feisty, playful, and extremely intelligent.

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Poodles are popular family pets because they are playful, but they make excellent watchdogs because of their intelligence and trainability.

Poodles are very territorial and have a strong bark; however, they have an easy temperament that improves with increased socialization.

Poodles originated in Germany and come in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard.

Highly energetic, this breed craves attention and often gets into mischief.

Cairns are quite small with coarse, shaggy coats that range from brown to black.

This breed can be aggressive toward other animals and won't back down if challenged by other dogs.Owners of Caucasian Shepherds must display strong leadership skills and train their dogs early to offset aggressive or unmanageable behavior.This dog growls and bites when unhappy, so assuming and maintaining a position of dominance and authority is imperative for people interacting with the dog.The Yorkshire Terrier, commonly referred to as a Yorkie, is a small, energetic breed that can be difficult to train.Yorkshire Terriers are fairly high-strung and aren't ideal for families with small children.They can be stubborn and difficult to train, but terriers are generally loyal and effective watchdogs, if trained properly.

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