Top intimidating dogs your doorman is intimidating

Scotties are fast and feisty, playful, and extremely intelligent.Loyal by nature, Scottish Terriers are excellent protectors because they are self-assured dogs with an innate wariness of strangers.Chihuahuas originated in Northern Mexico and have smooth, thin coats.

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German Shepherds make good family pets because they form strong bonds with children.

Miniature Schnauzers originated in Germany and have black and white coats.

Miniature Schnauzers are fairly small, but they make good watchdogs.

They bark at anyone who appears threatening and are extremely aloof with strangers until their owners openly welcome the guest/stranger into the home.

Poodles are popular family pets because they are playful, but they make excellent watchdogs because of their intelligence and trainability.

Poodles are very territorial and have a strong bark; however, they have an easy temperament that improves with increased socialization.

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The German Shepherd originated in Germany to guard and herd sheep.

Although not recommended for families with small or hyper children, Chihuahuas can be protective, loyal companions.

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