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"Tico" comes from the popular local usage of "tico" and "tica" as diminutive suffixes (e.g., "momentico" instead of "momentito").

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Don’t make them choose between you and their family or religious activities, because you won’t like the result in most cases.

Compliment the cleanliness of her house and the flavor of her cooking (and that of her family) because these things are very important in Costa Rican culture. Costa Rican women have ideas and education and good jobs.

Like all women you do have some that are snakes in the grass that you need to watch out for so you do not get left heart broken and penniless.

You must watch out for those women that are in the “business of gringos” as one Costa Rican woman once told me.

Also do stereotype them and say you are acting “so latina”.

Learn as much as you can about the country and culture in addition to the many intriguing layers she has and you will be all set to date in Costa Rica.

Some youth use mae, a contraction of "maje" (mae means "guy/dude"), to refer to each other, although this might be perceived as insulting to those of an older generation; maje was a synonym for "tonto" (stupid).

Social and Culture classes in Costa Rica is homogenous. Extreme poverty does exist such as many of the other Central American neighbors have.

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