The ultimate guide to online dating 2016 doc

Skype is a great way to talk without using your home phone, a payphone also will not alert the person of a number that you can be reached at.

If you use a cell phone and block your phone number so it doesn’t show up in caller ID, this can be done by entering *67 before dialling the number.

Pay close attention to the conversation and if at any time you are uncomfortable, hang up and delete them from your email and profile tags on the dating site.

If you have talked with the person for a while, gathered as much information as possible about their lifestyle and are completely comfortable when talking with them, meeting in person will come up in the conversation at some point.

Alex Williamson, 28, who is now Bumble's director of creative marketing and brand copywriter, joined the app a few months before its launch.

She's the woman behind the app's viral response to a finance bro, also known as "The Connor Letter." Here, Williamson shares what she's learned working behind the scenes at one of the most popular dating apps today.

Make sure to use your “dating name” on all correspondence, such as instant messaging through your email account.

If you are asked to show a photo to someone you have just began chatting with, use caution and only send a photo if you are completely comfortable with the person at the other end of the conversation.

It is best to use a different name for your profile, while you are in a chat room and if you are instant messaging.

Choose an online name that cannot be linked to your real name and never give someone you haven’t personally met your address, phone number or email address.

In some situations, when someone pays for the date, they may expect something in return, so the safest way to avoid this situation is to pay your half.

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