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SSB also says this about the race-mixing traitors: One out of every five traitors has an asian spouse (so blonde girls dirtying themselves with pakistanis is actually a smaller problem then "men" importing yellow hookers from Thailand).In January 2001 33.100 norwegian men had a foreign wife, 23.300 women with a foreign husband.

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In fact, beautiful Swedish women have been at the center of male attraction over the ages.

It seems, the country has much more than its fair share of natural beauty.

A lot of these are marriages between white men and women (norwegian men, danish women, norwegian men,russian mail order brides etc.), but still it is told that in 2001 no less than 435 thai hookers reached Norway through a traitor.

5 At least as interesting is the number of adoptions from asian countries to Norway.

It included actresses of past and present years, models and winners of various beauty contests.

I want to note that creating this rating I dont thinking that in Sweden sush many charming women.I'd really like to see if it is as bad as I think and what can be done to prevent it from getting worse.At least as interesting is the number of adoptions from asian countries to Norway.I see so many white guys (and even young, gorgeous guys, not just obese losers who resort to Asia cause they can't get laid at home) with those women and ugly halfbreed kids when I go out.Seems like it is impossible to go anywhere without seeing white men with slant eyed women, even in Scandinavia I guess.I have heard a lot of people from Sweden and Finland who go to Thailand marry hookers there and import them to their countries (pass me a bucket please, I'm about to puke!

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