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The Czechoslovak Armed Forces were originally formed on 30 June 1918 when 6,000 members of the Czechoslovak Legion in France, which had been established in 1914, took oath and received a battle banner in Darney, France, thus preceding the official declaration of Czechoslovak independence by four months.

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An ordinary coin is all you need to inscribe a cultural missive from Russia here.

Although Jordan isn’t exactly geared towards visitors.

What differentiates Jordan from its southern neighbors is that the king is wearing European clothing instead of a headscarf in half the portraits.

A utility pole serving as the base for a streetlight.

Just dirt tracks, dust, and monotonous hideous neighborhoods.

A new feature appears on cars when you get to the south of the country: there’s a neon green sticker on the right side of the front bumper and a neon orange one on the left.

The names of artistic and cultural establishments are impressed in stucco. The city is full of streets dating back to Inca times.

When the Spanish came through, they made a few improvements here and there. Peruvians have a tradition of bringing a doll which symbolizes the baby Jesus to church.

European wars of religion once again wrecked the Czech lands, and at the Battle of White Mountain in 1620, Czech freedom was lost to the Habsburg Monarchy.

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