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I think if you heard us in 2004 and tuned out until Heartthrob it gave you a bit of whiplash, but we're stoked." Tegan and Sara 2.0 rose to international stardom, global tour dates and, most importantly, played music more in the vein of the '80s acts they grew up loving, like New Order, Cyndi Lauper and Depeche Mode.

Tegan also confesses that guitar was never the easiest instrument for her to connect with or handle—both she and Sara were classically trained on piano between the ages of 5 to 16.

Gay artist/musician Seth Bogart, of Hunx & His Punx, directed the colorful, part-animated "U-Turn," while actress-turned-director Clea Du Vall helmed the humorous, quirky "Boyfriend" clip.

We practice our sainthood in the hope that we will be rewarded with adoration.” One day Autostraddle reader Kat Von Dyke from Montreal decided to ask Tegan & Sara ten questions about this little thing called Love, and Tegan & Sara decided to answer."Dying To Know" is the fruit of two separate songs the pair was writing separately ( "We only had room for one more track and producer Greg Kurstin made the genius suggestion, ' Tegan, you sing the verse and three chords of your song and Sara you sing the chorus of yours." ), while "That Girl," represents Tegan's revelation that she was the thing going wrong with her previous, failed relationships.

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Tegan and Sara (Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin) (born September 19 1980, identical twins) are Canadian singer-songwriters.

'I had just come out of one this year, and so had he.

But because we had been spending so much time together and we were staying up all night every night, late and talking, we just fell for each other.''We were both resisting a little bit, but in the end, we thought, why would you resist something that was so good!Tegan was last in a relationship with rugby union player, Sam Croke, with their split being reported in October.Tegan added about her new man, that they didn't want to rush into a relationship but fell in love.'I love that Bumble is all about the woman taking the first steps in all aspects of life, it's the perfect alignment for me,' she said, with Tegan heading to Falls Festival with the brand.'One of my New Year's resolutions was to say yes to new adventures, because I was very work focused this year.''I want next year to be about travel and adventure and trying new things, and putting stuff out there.''So starting New Year at the Falls Festival glamping area is not a bad way to start my year!He moved in and I knew that we would have a lot in common, by looking at his social media,' Tegan said.

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