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Ever since Taylor Swift was photographed necking on the beach with Tom Hiddleston (very) shortly after breaking off a year-long romantic entanglement with Calvin Harris, celebrity gossip blogs have been abuzz about the “1989” singer’s love life. this is the one thing that’s been mine about my personal life.” By the songstress’s own account, she was happily dating Harris until fairly recently.

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In the pictures, which were snapped in Rhode Island, the two can be seen canoodling on rocks overlooking the ocean. They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”Swift has been burned in the past by going public with her relationships while they’re still in the inchoate stages, so it’s surprising that she’d allow these photos to be taken so soon after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Given that she has a savvier sense of her own image than nearly any other celebrity, however, maybe she staged this photo op with a specific purpose in mind.

The pop superstar has been out solo on other occasions since then, too.

One day before reporting for jury duty in Nashville, she attended Blake Lively's dual baby shower and 29th birthday party at Bedford Post Inn in New York on August 28.

She wants to make people forget about her breakup with Harris. we’re calling it now) might be the charming, cozy couple we all need right now, in this time of bleak news.

Her coupling with the delightful, talented Hiddleston is sure to generate a zillion headlines about how they met when they danced together. According to Twitter account @Pop Crave, Harris doesn’t seem to be taking the news of his ex becoming Cameron Diaz’s character from well at all.

Maybe Hiddleston is using her to get some time in the limelight. As arguably the reigning queen of pop, Taylor doubtlessly gets her fair share of hanger-ons who are only after her for the fame and attention proximity to her provides.

And I have confidence in her ability to identify and deal with them.

As Us previously reported, they had their first blowout fight in August.

Swift, 26, moved on with the British hunk, 35, just two weeks after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris in June.

She’s already dressing like they’re on a romantic vacation in the Cotswolds. You know, the movie where she switches houses with Kate Winslet in a proto-Airbnb situation and falls in love with charming Englishman Jude Law (when he was peak Jude Law).

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