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Rather than be flustered by this unusual question, Kagan quickly quipped, “Like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.” Data backs up Justice Kagan’s claim.Google records a noticeable jump in searches for Chinese Restaurants each December, and on-line delivery sites report receiving a “significant jump in sales” of Chinese meals on December 25.

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Even in these restrictive conditions, Jewish life in Shanghai flourished.

Most notable was the Mir Yeshiva, a famous center of Jewish learning that relocated from Lithuania to Shanghai during World War II, and continued to offer classes.

It is now the world’s fast-growing producer of kosher food, with over 500 factories manufacturing kosher items.

Star-K, a kosher certifier, reports that “China is fast becoming the frontrunner in all aspects of kosher food production” as more and more foods (including those that are kosher) are produced there.

China’s ruling Song Emperors welcomed the Jews as welcome guests, bestowing seven family names that these Kaifeng Jews could use – some of which are still carried by their descendents in the town today.

Kaifeng’s Jewish community thrived at first, building its first synagogue in 1163, and eventually swelling to several thousand members.

Chien His-chieh, the Executive Director of the Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan, has called for a radical change in the way some Chinese words are written. It’s thought that the derogatory spelling originated at a time when Jews were considered extremely exotic or foreign to China.

Specifically, she points out, the Chinese word for Jew, you tai, can be written with a variety of symbols – yet troublingly, the one used most often is demeaning, denoting dog or monkey. The Hebrew term for Chinese is less controversial: Sini.

Earlier this year, Netflix launched a “Skip Intro” feature that allows users to bypass a show’s title sequence. Some complain the new feature has effectively killed the title sequence, while others rejoice that they won’t have to sit through annoying theme music while they binge.

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