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Take the first step toward meeting great singles and having enjoyable dinners today by contacting us at: email and phone. I say concept not panacea in that they set up a great situation, match common people together, and then provide you an opportunity – you still have to do a little work yourself!

Matchmaking services begin at $3,500, but singles can apply to be a part of the Cupid’s Cronies network at no cost.

Amy Rolando launched Pairings Group with the belief that in matters of the heart, even highly successful people are often challenged by fear and insecurity.

8 at 8 also provides your first cocktail which always helps break the ice.

I highly recommend joining 8 at 8 if you want to expand your network and enjoy a night out with new people.” -Virginia We match singles based on age, background, professional level, hobbies, and interests.

Timeless work and effort has nullified any potential complaints and negative reviews.

You can be one of their satisfied members by joining the Table For Six family today.There is one unique and very successful matchmaking service in California, called Table for Six.Having the highest success rate amongst California dating services can easily be attributed to its professional staff and matchmakers.April Davis was an executive at a Fortune 500 company when she realized that her real passion lay in helping friends and colleagues with relationships.In 2010, Davis launched Cupid’s Cronies, a private matchmaking service for professionals.Working closely with clients to identify areas for personal growth and development in their love lives, Rosenberg and her colleagues offer a variety of programs to help clients find and sustain healthy relationships based on joy, respect, and true partnership. Consider Your Strengths “Many people have a specific list of what they want to find in a partner, yet they spend little or no time thinking about what they have to bring to a relationship.

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