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After rebuking the man, whom she describes as 5ft 10in in his mid-20s with dark hair, he punched her in the face with a closed fist.Saying she did not want to escalate the situation, Miss Johansson and her friend moved to leave the club, at which point the man hit her with a bottle on the left side of her head, breaking it.

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In February 2008, Bottrell said, "The truth is hard to describe, but it lies between what all the people were shouting. However, the sound was the sound that I developed".

However, this was said while promoting their most current work together and contradicts most previous statements by him including those in Richard Buskin's highly detailed book about the situation.

Her relationship with Gilbert became acrimonious soon after the album release and there were disputes about songwriting credits.

In interviews later, Crow claimed to have written them.

"Tuesday Night Music Club" was expanded for a 2009 re-release.

The 2009 deluxe edition features the original 1993 album, a second CD containing b-sides, rarities and outtakes and a bonus DVD featuring the album's six original videos plus a rare alternate version of "All I Wanna Do" directed by Roman Coppola.

Shocking images shared on social media show her face and body covered in blood after the late-night attack this weekend.

Miss Johansson says she had been enjoying her evening at Babel night club on Saturday when she felt a tug on her handbag and turned around to face a man she did not recognise.'I turned around and then I felt his hand on my bottom and between my legs,' she told Aftonbladet.

This is not the first time the night club has been the scene of a serious incident, as it was bombed just months ago by unknown attackers.

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