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See full summary » In a remote Norwegian mountain-area in the 1930s, two 12 year old girls Siss and Unn meet. In a few hot weeks she discovers her dawning sexuality, and experience her first crush.This endearing and disarmingly beautiful little gem - a particularly authentic coming-of-age masterpiece set in the 80's Scandinavia - has just too many merits to be overlooked.

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Selma's mother died giving birth to her, and Selma's step aunt is living proof that men only cause trouble.

So the 11 year old girl makes a deal with her best friends that they will stay ...

Headstrong Kirsi, a Swedish girl of Finnish minority, has won a reporter contest for Radio Gothenburg.

When her widowed and estranged mother decides to spend the summer in her homeland Finland, Kirsi (who has chosen to be known as Kid Svensk) decides to take a tape recorder and make a reportage about her stay in Finland.

The precociousness and totally unnaive curiosity to understand the world around her. To sum it up - we have here a beautiful film, excellently acted and narrated.

Big compliments for the director, and evidently looking promising for future projects!Hello , I am a very genuine and down to earth person .I love to party as well as calm activities such as reading , write stories and letters , listen to music etc . I am an honest, loyal, family oriented, fun, risk-taking, hard-working, kind hearted , affectionate and friendly woman with integrity.Like most boys at the age of 12 or 13, being nude in public holds little appeal for Léo, who protests by wearing extra layers. See full summary » 23-year-old "Dino" (Bianca Kronlöf) dreams of a different life. It's summer, and the rebellious 12-year-old girl Kid wants to stay in Gothenburg, but her mother has other plans.Like an abundance of Swedes her age, she has fled the mass unemployment of her home country in search of a more worthwhile ... Kid discovers that summer vacation in Finland isn't as bad as first feared.The prosody features both stress and in most dialects tonal qualities.

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