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Once they have all the pieces, they have to solve the puzzle. Ghost Island is in play, someone from the losing tribe will be going there.Naviti wins immunity (they also get their flint) sending Malolo to tribal council.

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Because Sierra chooses poorly, the advantage has lost its power, but Jacob can bring it back if he wills it to the right person on the other tribe.

Jacob decides to give it to Morgan, hoping to reverse the curse.

Tonight on CBS Survivor: Ghost Island airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 28, 2018, Season 36 Episode 1 Premiere and we have your Survivor recap below.

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Jeff announces that the tribes have to make a decision right now, Malolo is first, they have to select one person who will represent their tribe – they choose Branden, he is a teacher and a coach, so maybe it’s a good decision. Now, these two leaders have to pick two people from their tribes, one who they think is the most capable of handling a physical challenge and another who can do a puzzle. When they return to camp each tribe will get a pot, rice (much less than any previous season of Survivor) and a machete. The winning tribe will get a massive shelter building kit. Once the puzzle makers start their puzzles, Jeff will start a sand timer, if the leader thinks the puzzle will not be able to finish on time, he can stop it and save his tribe from losing the fishing gear. Chris stops the puzzle on Desiree, Malolo wins the first challenge and gets a huge advantage this season. Malolo thinks that they are the best tribe ever, everyone is introducing themselves.

Michael tells them he is 23, but he is 18 and doesn’t want anyone to know.Gonzales wants to get rid of Donathan, she thinks he is the weakest link.Meanwhile, Stephanie is tossing up Gonzales’ name because she is a threat.The first vote is huge, if the tribe doesn’t choose wisely it will haunt them for the rest of the game.Time for Tribal Council, everyone lights their torches.This tainted idol has been haunted for five years but still has its power, can Domenick reverse the curse.

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