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In 2014, the version for Latin America - (Holy Bible - Official Version of the Bishops Conference of Spain): This version has been published in 2010, in Spain, by BAC (Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos).

The translation project began in 1996, as an initiative of the Bishops Conference of Spain.

The goal of this version is to be the one and only version to be used by the Catholic Church in Spain for every official use of scripture: Mass Lectionaries, catechisms, liturgy of the hours, etc..

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Its target audience is mostly latin american catholics.

It is sold in catholic bookstores, and it is widely accepted by the catholic faithful.

This translation was the work of a team directed by the late Fr. P., took a translation into spanish from the Vulgate, dating from 1793, and corrected it by comparing it with the Bible text in the original languages (hebrew, aramaic, and greek).

Luis Alonso Schökel -Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome- who had previously translated the Old Testament for the , the translator wanted a Bible that sounded natural in the target language. Felipe Scío): Published in 1994, by Edicep, in Valencia, Spain. The target audience seems to be the catholics of Latin America.

It is also the only bible in spanish featured in the official Vatican site (and in case you ask, this happened way before an argentinian was elected as Pope).

The translation uses a neutral latin american spanish.

His version is considered to be a very orthodox and reliable version (particularly because of its notes and introductions).

In Argentina, he translated the Bible from the original languages.

(New Spanish Bible): this translation is the work of bible scholars Juan Mateos and Fr. It was published in Spain in 1975, by Ediciones Cristiandad, and it was quite revolutionary. And it strived to use a natural spanish language, that the reader could approach without previous knowledge of specific “biblical” terminology.

Furthermore, the translators tried to keep the peculiarities of each genre in the target language, so that poetry, when translated, still read as poetry.

(The Latin American Bible), is the brainchild of french Fr. Subsequent editions have polished the translation, and gave less political flavor to the notes.

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