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Download our app for i OS or Android to easily search for the best travel deals - from flights to buses and train journeys.This really only applies if you prefer to search directly on airline websites!Certain airfares tend to go up automatically to push travellers to stop hesitating and book already.

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Great progress in microelectronics, wireless communication and sensor technology afford the application of intelligent IT-systems and their cross-linking in every work and life area today.

Products with new, integrated applications and functions can assist humans in their activities and operations.

For example, you could save around 70% on a return journey to Singapore by flying onboard Air Asia one way and Scoot the other.

The best tip for most comprehensive search results? Avoid flying during national school holidays and on weekends.

Furthermore, the automated information exchange between intelligent, cross-linked systems allows the increase of productivity and the saving of ressources in production and work processes.

The research of the group "embedded intelligence" focusses on the developement of innovative solutions in the field of cross-linked sensor-actuator-systems and energy-efficient systems.

Play around with our deal map, a useful tool that shows you the best airfares according to your trip preferences (departure airport, maximum price, local temperature, etc.).

Too much mucking around and not enough time to search for flights?

No worries if you find it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing airfares. It’s really the best way to keep track of the prices so you’ll know exactly when to book.

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