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In Enterobacteriaceae, several membrane transporters are involved in zinc homeostasis and linked to virulence.

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1a) via the only periplasmic loop, which bears the signature motif Gx N of the Cor A MIT family (rmsd ~12 Å).

Taking into account very high sequence conservation between Ec Znt B and St Znt B of 92.6% (Supplementary Fig. This difference could be attributed to the two structures representing two different states in the transport cycle (discussed below). a Side view, four subunits of Znt B pentamer are coloured grey, and one is coloured rainbow from blue (N-terminus) to red (C-terminus); the position of the membrane is indicated, trans membrane helices 1 and 2 as well as αβα-motif are labelled.

We have obtained the structure of full-length Znt B from E.

coli and performed isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), radiolabelled zinc uptake and fluorescent transport experiments with Znt B reconstituted into liposomes.

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b Changes in fluorescent signal by the reporter dye Fluo Zin-1 during uptake of Zn (added at 1 min time point) via Znt B reconstituted in liposomes under different conditions (colour-coding as in a, additionally the signal from empty liposomes in magenta). c Zn to create a pore wide enough for the transport of partially hydrated magnesium.

Our work on Znt B shows that the mechanism cannot be extrapolated to other members of the family, because even after an extensive treatment with EDTA Znt B maintained its symmetrical pentameric state (Supplementary Fig. There are several possible explanations for the differences between Cor A and Znt B.

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Zinc is an essential microelement to sustain all forms of life.

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