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You can also perform powerful editing tasks right from Clip Cache, cleaning up messy text from emails or webpages with just a mouseclick. Organize your material into various groups for instant access to all your regularly used subject matter...replies, responses, logo, humor, inquiries or other data.Not all software un-installations do a complete job leaving behind numerous nagging file references in the Windows registry pointing to files that no longer exist.

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All your bookmarks are contained in one compact file for easy synchronizing to other computers.

Link Stash can also be configured with an infinite variety of different highlighting options for various folders, or individual bookmarks as desired to allow for easy locating.

A device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.' Faulty drivers can be a major cause of instability on your PC.

Driver Genius will not only locate and install drivers for you, it creates backups and makes it easy to restore if a new driver should cause unexpected problems. Link Stash - Link Stash is an outstanding new Windows bookmarks/favorites manager which works for all later versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera.

Link Stash also includes a powerful search feature which makes forgotten links a breeze to find.

It works so well, that 5 minutes with Link Stash and we are betting you will never want to use IE favorites or Netscape bookmarks again! Magic Notes - a great little utility to keep track of notes or ideas with easy access regardless of what application you're in.

Link Stash combines the functionality of a top notch bookmark manager with complete automated password control.

Fully automated logon to any website requiring username/password.

An indispensable tool for all current versions of Windows, used by major newspapers and other data-intensive organizations. Driver Genius - This award winning utility is one of the very best of its type.

Driver Genius is an easy-to-use, yet powerful driver update application.

The Pro version includes DU Meter, a superb utility to help monitor and optimize your connection, plus Link Fox which is guaranteed to speed up your web browsing experience. DU Meter lets you see how much of your full bandwidth potential is actually utilized at any given point in time, either by displaying a real-time graph, numerical display, or both.

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