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It struck me that in most areas of life we expect others to behave the way we do ourselves: were these wives thinking to themselves that if they were single the first thing they would do would be to try to get their claws in someone else's husband?I rang up my girlfriends and railed against what seemed to me to be the shattered sisterhood, in which women no longer look out for one another but instead see themselves in competition - emotionally, physically and financially - with every other woman. Instead, my friends laughed and metaphorically shook me by the shoulders as they told me to wake up.'Also, because there are so many divorced women out there now, they refuse to be pigeon-holed as hopeless singletons to be shoved in the corner like maiden aunts.

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She has been on her own for four years since her husband died.

'As a widow among a group of friends, you are immediately seen as predatory.

'As soon as you saw a wedding ring, he was to be discounted. I spent the summer with a newly divorced woman and three married couples.

She was 35, single and on the prowl, and she was all over the married men.

The old proprieties surrounding marriage have been swept away by the aggressive 'must-have' attitude of an awful lot of modern women.

The consensus, according to my friends, was that female emancipation - and the social, economic and sexual freedoms that have gone with it - have led to a liberal world in which nothing is sacred any more.

Women are out for what they can get - and if that means another woman's husband, then so be it.

At a time when one in three marriages fails, the thinking seems to be that to ruin one or two more unions in your own pursuit of happiness won't make much difference.

One woman I spoke to, Susan Flemming, 42, a stay-at-home mother of three from London who is married to a successful banker, says: 'There has definitely been an increase of predatory women out there.

Fifteen years ago, when I was single and on the dating scene, you never thought of going near a man if he was married or even had a girlfriend.

To be such a wife immediately makes you a target, they told me - or at least it makes your husband a target, for predatory women.

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