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Much of Arizona's world-renowned scenery is geologic.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's wonders, while the Petrified Forest National Park, southeast of Holbrook in Apache and Navajo counties, contains the most spectacular display of fossil wood in the world.

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Just as geologic events in Arizona preserved prehistory, so too did they create a wealth of mineral deposits.

The state, more precisely Tucson, is the hub of copper mining in the United States, contributing more than 60 percent of the copper mined in the nation.

Economic geologists come from all points on the globe to study Arizona's porphyry copper deposits.

The industrial mineral zeolite, variety chabazite, was first mined in North America from a unique deposit in southeastern Arizona.

A series of these complexes begins in southeastern Arizona and curves through the western states into Oregon.

They are an unusual kind of mountain peculiar to this region and begin with the Rincon and Santa Catalina mountains north and east of Tucson.

Arizona's unique contributions to the life-on-Earth record are many.

Rocks of the Chinle Formation in the Petrified Forest have yielded important reptilian evolutionary records.

In fact, the amount of copper in Arizona is so unusual that it has been called a planetary resource.

These large deposits are known as ‘‘porphyry coppers.’’ Nowhere else in the world are deposits of this kind so well known, concentrated and studied.

West of Phoenix lies the Luke salt body, also thought to be about 3,035 m (10,000 ft) thick.

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