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Other of the state's fossils show changes that occurred in bones and skeletal structure as mammals evolved from reptilian life.

One of the better faunal life records of the last few million years in North America is preserved in the San Pedro Valley in southeastern Arizona.

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A series of these complexes begins in southeastern Arizona and curves through the western states into Oregon.

They are an unusual kind of mountain peculiar to this region and begin with the Rincon and Santa Catalina mountains north and east of Tucson.

West of Phoenix lies the Luke salt body, also thought to be about 3,035 m (10,000 ft) thick.

Some scientists believe that the Picacho Basin near Eloy in south-central Arizona contains the thickest anhydrite sequence in the world. The sequence consists of about 90 percent anhydrite and 10 percent interbedded shale and is slightly less than 1,820 m (6,000 ft) thick.

It was part of a find in a quarry on the Navajo Indian Reservation that also included the discovery of the oldest turtle skeleton known in North America.

The ‘‘mouse-like’’ jawbone appears to belong to a previously unknown and unnamed group of small mammals similar in age to some discovered previously in England, Wales and China.

Much of Arizona's world-renowned scenery is geologic.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's wonders, while the Petrified Forest National Park, southeast of Holbrook in Apache and Navajo counties, contains the most spectacular display of fossil wood in the world.

Through application of paleomagnetic dating techniques, the fossils of San Pedro Valley have provided ‘‘tight’’ age zones to scientists studying evolution.

The fossils are those of precursors of fauna now living in Arizona as well as those of rhinoceros, llama, camel, tapir, giant ground sloth and mammoth.

Economic geologists come from all points on the globe to study Arizona's porphyry copper deposits.

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