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I believe it is important for his grandkids to get to hear these stories they otherwise would not hear.

Here are all the one, two, three, and four letter combinations of letters.

It's absolutely useless, but your friendly search engine indexed it!

I thought a heat diverter would help reduce those issues and redirect the hot air straight aft. It was eyeball-engineered and took some fiddling, but I believe it will help.

Having to route the cable through the diverter was a pain, but it works without any interference.

ABC Channel 13 News recently visited the schools airplane build project (video) and in a surprise ending to their interview, announced they contacted Southwest Airlines and that SWA agreed to provide the ENP/Montgomery build-students a Red-Carpet tour of their facilities at Hobby airport together with intern opportunities. We are hopeful the weather will hold up and that we can accomplish all that we can on such short notice.

We will plan on starting the posting of the colors at followed by an eulogy and stories about Falcon. Any one that has served or flown with him don't forget to bring your nickel.Ive been attending the weekly Sunday evening social at F14 whenever my schedule permits. It is with heavy hearts that Falcon Flight announces the passing of our leader and founder Stuart (Stu) "Falcon" Mc Curdy (Col USAF Ret).After battling for almost a year, Stu succumbed to esophageal cancer this past Saturday (3/31/18) at his home in Round Rock TX, surrounded by his entire family.Ironically, a unique feature spurred my memory and after digging through Oshkosh photos from four years ago, I realized I had seen his airplane in person.When we couldnt find any good reason not to fly, he offered to take me for a quick hop along the Red River and gave me plenty of stick time.Luckily, another class mate, Justin, in my Aircraft Maintenance Officer training is a private pilot and we quickly found a few great places to airport bum meeting some great folks and getting a few flights under our belts.

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