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I see so many guys throw a temper tantrum when they hear her ringtone. * They don't want her to answer, instead their facial expression screams out, PLEASE DON'T ANSWER! Take a breath and think positively because this is chump-like mentality.

Besides, you should never hang up if you're calling for the first time.

You want to go on a date with her, and the phone conversation is the catapult to get you there.

Customer support includes (a) open new account, (b) recharge existing account, (c) open trouble tickets, (d) technical support, (d) set hot numbers, (e) add new registered numbers etc.

'Hike ID' is the next step for us to make this value proposition even stronger by enabling easier discovery and control while connecting with others," Pathik Shah, Vice President, Product at Hike, said in a statement.

It's also easy to search for someone with simply their "Hike ID", so one no longer needs to go through the cumbersome process of saving a friend's number before being able to send him or her a message, the company said.

When she answers, you both can start the conversation where you left off.

"So you were saying you were locked up in that cage for how long?

It takes real confidence to call a girl and balls not to hide behind a text. Before you call a girl, you want to make sure your own voicemail game is on point.

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