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The dopamine was FLOWING so much I could only think of her, listen to music, write bad poetry..feeling is like a drug! I knew the feeling would subside eventually, but I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Please don't move on because of a passing moment of recaptured puppy love. But in my case, what went up inevitably came crashing down. Seeing old flames can make the hormones rage for a while, but it doesn't last, and it is only a fantasy, not something that is real love.

It was almost cliche to me see humming and singing in the shower (sad really ha ha). I know that I will never leave my wife, she is beautiful, sexy, and a great mom, but that feeling of "new" love, of someone who is thinking of you and you of them..is POWERFUL and it is OK to experience if you are able to see it for what it is..old, fun, fantasy. If she can't handle honesty, then be gentle with her. You will regret it for the rest of your days...that's just my opinion. We just can't have one without damaging the other, or risking its loss altogether. I don't have any worse a deal than anyone else, and it's probably better than the one lots of others have. That was a wonderful story you shared and i wish most men had the control to know what it was all about like you do. I felt that a follow up might be in order as it may be relevant to this topic. She came up here recently to visit family and I had the opportunity to visit with her, face to face, after so many years.

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Normally I would say pack it up and leave because obviously this affair is an addiction like anything else, gambling drugs whatever. He will just alienate her further because he is so obsessed with this. We already know by his sneakiness and elusiveness he is guilty as sin and does not want to hear her distaste. When you are people smart, you do not need electronics. I read this post because I searched on "seeing former girlfriend after 20 years".

My BF did that to me and I found his little attempt to do that to me because it shows up as a new program. I have been happily married to my wife for 17 years, but have struck up a relationship with my first love (lost virginity to her) from over 20 years ago. " and I used a fictional FB name that was [apparently] close enough for her to figure out who I was.

I found the last yearbook saying "I am not sure if you really like me from your actions" and he fell for it thinking he did. I guess even just talking to her made him feel like he was back in high school, if that's all that was going on...knows.

Probably left me so he could hook up with her if he has'nt already.

I don't want to break up my family, at the same time I can't tolerate my husband cheating on me. He is wrong and his responses have given you justification for suspicion.

The good thing is his ex-girlfriend lives in a different country. I think you might be best to tell him to move out temporarily until he feels he is mature enough to talk with you about this. He is having an online affair with her and he wants you to be oblivious to it.

I feel guilty, but I can't deny the wonderful feelings I have had--feelings I haven't felt for soooo long!

Throughout this time, I went though a phase (about 2 months ago) where I was wildly enfatuated with her. It can make us feel things we thought we would never feel again. The truth is that I would never deliberately hurt my innocent husband, who has loved me even when I was at my most unloveable. And as Jim said, I have to be mindful of how green my own grass is.

Recently at 2am in the morning I caught chatting with his ex-girlfriend and he was saying he just catching up with her just like all the other friends. He has deleted all the messages expect for one in the sent folder which said "Sorry..struck in a meeting...waiting online... So I questioned him and as usual he claimed innocence.

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