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These devices will understand and measure your arousal levels, body fluids, your breathing patterns, your body movements.

They will also learn and adapt and react to your feedback.

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“I like to work with devices used by people who are accessing ‘relationship replacement’ services such as camera phones and webcams.

I think this gives my work authenticity,” Kate explains.

Her pixelated images of sexbots and webcam screenshots of half-naked women are brutally arresting, featuring female figures looking out of the photographs with deadpan expressions.

By blending the familiar and unfamiliar, Kate’s images produce an authenticity that unsettles and provokes.

State-of-the-art sex robots received extensive media coverage in 2017 as the new animatronic lovers that are programmed to please.

Inventors have argued that sex robots could help reduce sex-trafficking and loneliness, but London-based, multi-media artist Kate Davis has her doubts: “Man has created machines in the form of women or children to use as sex objects.

If you were presenting a detailed profile of how we will interact with sexbots, that might get you to the Netherworld section.

If you were pesenting an argument that sexbots will ultimately be exploited by the devil to defile humanity and cause souls to be damned in the final battle of good and evil, that might qualify as an alternate world view.

Since I’ve started tracking the story of sexual computing I’ve received many emails and countless tweets stating that while developers and engineers may be working on sexbots and other sexual technologies, no “normal” person would ever use such tech in their sex life. While this survey was conducted with a fairly large sampling size of 1,100 people, it did not specifically ask respondents what they were using their smartphones for while having sex.

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