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The thought of the violence to come terrified them.It was midday, and after about an hour on the road, the man behind the wheel, whom the women knew as Ricardo, a common fake name traffickers use, turned down a dirt path and stopped at a cluster of cheap cabins that had floors lined with mattresses.

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Officials don’t know how many women are trapped in this city-to-farm sex pipeline, but experts say the number is growing every year. Bletzer, an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University who has studied prostitution in agricultural areas, says that until recent years, women went to farm labor camps on their own to sell sex out of financial necessity.

Now, however, there is an organized crime element, with “other people recognizing that this might be a viable” source of income, he says.

One day in 1998, when Janet was 23, she was walking home from her factory job when a car pulled up beside her.

“Hi, my name is Ricardo,” the man inside the car said. ”The man persisted and asked if they could be friends.

“It’s hugely profitable,” says Lori Cohen, director of the anti-trafficking initiative at Sanctuary for Families.

Smuggled drugs are quickly sold, but with a woman, “you bring her across the border once and you just keep using her body over and over again until she breaks down,” she explains.refer to her by the name she used most when she was a prostitute, that breakdown took more than a decade.

“Your body is being sold,” she says in Spanish through a Sanctuary for Families advocate.

“It’s almost like your body is no longer yours.”Widely considered the sex trafficking capital of the world, Tenancingo, Mexico, is two hours southeast of Mexico City.

Rather than women selling sex to make a living, it’s traffickers bringing them to farms as part of larger international operations.

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