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Every couple of weeks, a van would take her and other women and girls—some as young as 12—to Charlotte, where she would spend a week or more, forced to have sex with strangers at a brothel by night and at farm labor camps by day. Department of State estimates that traffickers bring some 14,500 to 17,500 people into the United States each year.Sex trafficking flourishes in areas of male-dominated industries, such as fracking and oil boomtowns, military bases and, as a slew of recent court cases and victim accounts show, farm labor camps. “These organizations that victimize these women…transport them to where the business is,” says James T.

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While the women laid down rags, the men, filthy and reeking of sweat after spending all morning in the fields, quickly finished eating and formed lines outside the sheds, with as many as 50 men waiting for a woman.

Ricardo stayed by the car, keeping lookout for police or anyone who might try to rob him and the women.

The four women climbed out of the Camaro and went over to sheds near the cabins, where the workers kept their tools.

The cement floors inside had crumbled through, exposing big dirt holes.

At the end of the day, as the sun was setting, the women handed all the money they’d collected to Ricardo, and they made the drive back to Charlotte.

In the car, all Janet wanted to do was rest, but she knew she had to call her pimp, hundreds of miles away, and report how many customers she had had and how much money she made.The thought of the violence to come terrified them.It was midday, and after about an hour on the road, the man behind the wheel, whom the women knew as Ricardo, a common fake name traffickers use, turned down a dirt path and stopped at a cluster of cheap cabins that had floors lined with mattresses.Many of the town’s 10,000 residents are involved in prostitution; for young men, becoming a pimp means joining the family business.“It’s a sex-trafficking city,” says Human Trafficking Intervention Court Judge Toko Serita, “where generations of families and men are engaged in the business.” Men there “recruit” women from elsewhere in Mexico, often by pretending to fall in love with them, and then bring them to Tenancingo, where the forced prostitution begins.One by one, the men paid to rape Janet and the other women.

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