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Miss Lynch was our gorgeous 3rd grade teacher and heart-throb of all the boys, we all waited for her at the front gate every day. Guest I grew up in EST from the mid 1950's - mid 1970's, lived in 1900 block of 25th street and went to STA. My dad owned Hamilton Drug on Bond Avenue in East St.I moved to Dallas in 1962 upon graduating sixth grade. I am trying to find a very old and dear childhood friend I lost contact with in the early 1970's. Education at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School during the 60’s was memorable. Louis, which he later moved to the foot of Signal Hill. Dad was always working it seemed but did close the drugstore on Sundays and we ate out every Sunday.Take a look at our online gallery featuring genuine photos and videos of real singles seeking dates.

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I'd love to know the names of the businesses or at least the street addresses so I can track down photos. I am African-American my name is Elsie and Gates, Sylvia was Mexican and Teresa was Caucasian. We believe she was born around Washington Park, and St Louis area. The school system faired well for me and I now hold a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Technology, Master of Information Science, Master of Environmental Policy & Law and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (JD).

They were my two best friends back in the early middle 60s. We also believe that she was born around 1979-1980 and her birthday could be may 21st. I was good friends with Alvin "Bert" Jones, Kevin "fat daddy" Ramsey, Pat "J" Bynum Pickle Sister), Kendall"Lil Dog" Bush, Byron"Coop" Cooper, Anita Harrington, Edward Lofton (Chicken), Rado Perry, Bridgette Williams and Johnny Ramsey to name a few. I would love to hear from anyone out there who knows me and would like to converse.

Lived mostly in apartments on Missouri Avenue, attended Webster Public School 1952-1957. Dad worked at Swift Packing Plant, good union work, and I remember Jones Park very well. I asked for solutions, he started the remedy for my health, he sent me the medicine through COURIER POST.

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Riedels would serve the hamburgers out the back door. I'm Michael Hagler responding to the post by Sharon Winning. There were little grocery stores on both sides, the "Boys store" sold us many baseball cards (of course) and the "girls store" sold, I don't know, almost never went there.

Yes for you younger ones they were called drug stores and not Pharmacies. Is anyone out there that went to Morrison in the 60's? Like me, she mentioned being born in 1947 and attended Longfellow School Rock Jr. She also mentioned the name of Jack Theiss who was a classmate and friend in my homeroom class and other classes at Rock from 1959 to 1961. Kennedy who said her name sounded like 'Candy" and the beautiful Miss Mann who all us boys just adored. We played baseball, home plate was where the silo was that would allow us to slide down to the ground in the event of a fire.

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Does any one remember the stores name where the man dresses as a clown. Elmo Bush was our HR teacher -- an amazing teacher. Spent a lot of time at Jones Park and at my grandparents' house on 55th Street a block from Caseyville Rd. I now live in New Zealand, by the way, where I moved with my wife and two kids in 1980 - a beautiful paradise and wonderful place to live. As a first grader, I got conked on the chin by a swinging bat rounding the silo, so I learned that lesson the hard way.

Then the nicest guard that stood at 59th and State to get us back to Morrison Grade School on 59th and Kingshighway. Other friends at Rock included Paul Webber, Jimmy Duke, Gary Reidt, Ann Manly Charles (Willie) Yarber and others I don't recall names of. I left ESL for Los Angeles in the summer of 61, so didn't do grade nine at Rock. We had a weird tradition, if kids got tired of collecting cards, they would yell "throw up" and throw all their cards in the air, and we would beat ourselves to death trying to get them.

I attended Slade Elementary during all of my elementary years, 1956-1962. She worked @ the Jupiter store 1977-1979 in downtown East St. My grandparents lived on Waverly, and we lived on 25th Street, very near the Esquire Theater. We also went to the ice cream place a few blocks away--Velvet Freeze?

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