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Usually two reasons for the objection are given: 1) things that anyone holds sacred should not be profaned, mocked or ridiculed by anyone else, even by one who does not consider them sacred; and 2) the person who is revealing the secrets usually is someone who obtained the secrets only by swearing an oath of secrecy, and thus is breaking an oath.As to the first objection, this article does not "mock" or "ridicule" the secrets of the Mormon temple; it merely reveals them.

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It should be the goal of every member to be worthy of entry into the temple, to receive the ordinances there for themselves, and to return often to do work for the dead.

Worthiness for entry includes things such as acknowledging a faith and testimony of the Godhead, the atonement, and the restoration of the gospel; acknowledging sustaining all leaders of the church; living the law of chastity; paying a full tithe; not supporting, affiliating or agreeing with groups whose teachings or practices are contrary to the church's.

We added several topics including: Introduction Member beliefs LDS copied the Masons? Temple clothes Garments The new name Temple names recycled?

Masonry in LDS ceremony Masonic temple ceremony Temple and polygamy Secret or sacred? Temple weddings Members' temple experiences Covenants Temple trivia Ordinances for the dead Is the temple necessary?

Richard Packham and Sandra Tanner are two of the most knowledgeable people we know about the LDS Temple ceremony. From Richard Packam's site: Even non-Mormons sometimes object to articles such as the one you are now reading, since such articles reveal Mormons' religious secrets to a curious - and perhaps unworthy and even mocking - world.

Many people, not only devout Mormons, feel that it is wrong to do this.If those assurances are in fact false, then one cannot be bound either legally or morally by any such oath, since it was obtained by a lie.(For further discussion of this issue, click here.) We have the true Masonry.Some Latter-day Saints have heard that the LDS temple ceremony may have some similarities with Masonry and the reason is that the Masons learned of the temple ceremony from building Solomon's temple during Old Testament times but over the millennia the original ceremony became corrupted. Kimball stated "We have the true Masonry" (see complete quote in following section).Many devout Mormons know that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other early leaders of the Church were Masons.The rituals taken from Masonry cannot have come from Solomon's time (as many Mormons believe) as Masonry did not originate until no earlier than the 1600s AD.

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