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In July of each year, Lower Sunbury is the start of the colourful traditional ceremony of Swan Upping, where two livery companies carry out marking of the swans on all upper reaches of the River Thames.

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Lower Sunbury has one of the larger NHS medical general practitioner (GP) centres in the Borough.

Football, playgrounds and tennis grounds are in both halves of the town with London Irish being the main organised team in the village.

Suburban neighbourhoods make up most of its area, Lower Sunbury, added to which is part of the Metropolitan Green Belt including Kempton Park.

The town centre is by the London end of the M3 motorway, elsewhere are three shopping parades and riverside public houses.

The railway here benefits from seating at peak times but gives lower speed of access to the City of London relative to the South West Main Line developments of Elmbridge.

Wide roads and parking provide strengths of the borough.In tourism Lower Sunbury holds an annual fair and regatta each August.Sunbury railway station is on a branch line from London Waterloo.Sunbury adjoins other settlements Feltham to the north, Hampton to the east, Ashford to the northwest, Shepperton to the southwest and Walton-on-Thames to the south on the opposite bank of the Thames.The earliest evidence of occupation in Sunbury is provided by the discovery of Bronze Age funerary urns dating from the 10th century BC. Many years later the arrival of Huguenot refugees gave the name to French Street.The largest plots of garden measure only around an acre not covering any of the grassy plain, western outlying farms or boundary-lining trees in the far east and west.

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