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A few weeks back some friends called and said they had two extra tickets to the Eagles at Sprint Center in Kansas City for Monday, March 19.

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This kid sounds just like his dad and is only 22 years old.

Also joining the Eagles was one of my all-time favorite guitarist and vocalist Vince Gill. I did not realize that Don Felder would basically do most of The Hotel California album at this concert.

He was also a Gulf War veteran with the 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry in the 4th Infantry Division. Hes obviously had the same impression on our president and is being trusted as one of the top people in his administration. Pompeo is reading my newspaper, I want to congratulate him and thank him for serving his country in this capacity.

I would think Secretary of State would be the hardest job you could ever have, next to President of the United States.

Felder recalls Frey telling him during "Best of My Love," "I'm gonna kick your a** when we get off the stage." After the concert, Felder smashed, according to Frey, "his cheapest guitar". In 2016, the day after Frey's death, Felder told the Associated Press that he felt an "unbelievable sorrow" when he learned about Frey's death.

"I had always hoped somewhere along the line, he and I would have dinner together, talking about old times and letting it go with a handshake and a hug." Joining the Eagles in Kansas City was Glenn Freys son, Deacon.

So, I really dont have a bucket-list for concerts anymore.

I just have the same old desire to see the ones I love.

A guy I met recently posed a question to me and asked, "Who is a band you havent seen yet that you would say would be a bucket-list item? I must be getting old because I have caught myself telling my kids their rap music is terrible, too loud and to turn it off.

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