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I’d sent my typed letter to: Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office & Headquarters 150 West Church Ave Maryville, TN 37801 to the Attention of Mr. If I would have known I could have gone somewhere else like Olive Garden who actually had that special.If none of your stores are offering that special, take the adds off.I usually bring friends to this establishment but not to sure that I should anymore. I ordered the petite sirloin and shrimp dinner with the garden bar and my husband ordered Salmon, when my husband asked for tarter sauce she brought him a cup of ranch dressing!

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The food quality and portions are getting skimpier all the time.

Your places are empty compared to all the other restaurants that surround you…there is a good reason.

We’ve spoken to neighbors/friends who also went there on the 1st and they were not impressed either!!! Reply Me and my wife as at ruby tuedays in kirksville mo. The person I talked to ( i feel stupid I didn’t get a name ) said that store offered that special. I live 45 minutes away from this store so I wanted to make sure I would get that deal.

Sad to say but It’s nice to hear it wasn’t just us!!! I drove to the restaurant and when I sat down and our server was ready to take our order, she said they don’t participate in this special…….. This is the reason I called so I didn’t have to wast a full trip down there.

In 1996, Morrison spun Ruby Tuesday off as its own division with headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

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My husband ordered a triple header, with onion rings for one side and the salad bar for his second side. So I asked her what she did with the paper she had written the order on and she said once it was punched into the computer she threw it away.

The meal was not served anywhere “within a reasonable amount of time”. Then she said she looked for it but could not find the paper. I casually looked it over and commented to my husband that he was charged .99 for his salad bar.

The only reason this place does business is because of its location if it was anywhere else it would’ve lost all of its business and closed by now your name is the only thing holding it together.

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