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Click here to listen to a couple followup calls, one by RBCP and then another by Sudo.

Wet Bar Price List - We are listening to the hotel's radio frequencies and hear this man request a menu for his wet bar, so we call to ask him silly questions.

We assure this front desk lady that transferring us to a random room would be a good idea. When she finally transfers us to a random room, we immediately break our promise.

This starts out with us telling a guest that they never paid the bill that we slipped under their door.

And Margot had chosen a couture piece for the event from the fall 2017 line.

You cannot buy this dress, but click right to check out the rest of the collection on the website.

She is one of Hollywood's leading ladies and is known for her playful sense of humour.

And Margot Robbie has revealed she once tried to prank-call Prince Harry.

Ink Pen Attorney - We are listening to the hotel's radio frequencies and hear this man request to have an ink pen delivered to his room, so we yell at him for wasting our resources.

We're quite shaken up when we find out that he's an attorney, though.

Demarco texted Michael to let him know that he had changed the word ‘sorry’ in Allison’s phone to a seriously long Star Wars quote, so that every time she apologised she’d be hit with an explanation of the Dark Side.

But as the quote was so long – and let’s face it, generally you’re going to notice a long text before sending it – Demarco asked Michael to play a game with Allison, where he’d send her lyrics and she’d have to finish them as quickly as she could.

The actress, 27, confessed she was spurred on by her pal Cara Delevingne, who handed her his phone number while the duo were filming Suicide Squad back in 2016.

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