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DALY: If Christian leadership has become so much about winning and victory, it turns us into the predator and the world our prey.

GONZALEZ: Focus on the Family has been frequently criticized for its own political activism, particularly under its founder and former leader Dr. While he was in charge, Dobson frequently attacked liberals, feminists, and gay activists.

It’s the conservative public policy organization Focus on the Family, which has long been a political lightning rod because of its conservative stance on hot-button social issues, such as abortion and gay rights.

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GONZALEZ: What’s the caricature of Focus on the Family? I think that caricature can be hard right, ultra right.

It’s because those are labels that are used to describe the organization.

He doesn’t like it, but he accepts its reality in many states.

DALY: I think in this area of gay marriage, or recognizing gay union, the culture is going to make that decision.

GONZALEZ: For instance, here’s Dobson in 2009 on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show.

He talked about what he believed was President Obama’s misunderstanding of America’s religious culture.GONZALEZ: For some people of faith in Colorado Springs, like Kimberly Lieu, the Christian presence is so strong, they stay they felt a spiritual calling to move here. GONZALEZ: Glenn Paauw is the director of Biblica, one of America’s largest Bible publishers.It was lured to Colorado Springs from New York State in the 1980s.DALY: If we are just going to build a fortress, hunker down, and try to ride it out, that is not a very good strategy, so I feel certainly one of the clarion calls for the Christian is to engage the culture, to reach out.GONZALEZ: In Colorado Springs, we saw a small example of that reaching out by Focus on the Family.GONZALEZ: And who’s leading this “rethink” in Colorado Springs’ conservative Christian community? (to Daly): Do you consider yourself a culture warrior? However, Daly says the stern messages and moralizing of many conservative Christians over divisive social issues have turned off too many Americans, especially young people.

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