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However, even as Christian evangelicals continue to organize in this beautiful corner of Colorado to fulfill their vision of America, some within these groups are starting to reassess their activism. And I think oftentimes in the Christian conservative community, we are not expressing love of our fellow man. We’ve got to be very careful now not to repeat that same mistake, because from where I sit there are two billboards that come out of the New Testament: salvation through Jesus Christ, and don’t become a Pharisee, a religious bigot.

They wonder just how deeply they should be involved in American politics and whether they should start building bridges to people who don’t agree with them. GONZALEZ: Now, Focus on the Family is still squarely against gay marriage and legalized abortion, positions expressed in videos like this one produced by the group.

SAUL GONZALEZ, correspondent: With Pike’s Peak as a backdrop, the citizens of Colorado Springs aren’t shy about telling visitors about what makes their community so special. However, among many American Christians, Colorado Springs is also known for something else—as an epicenter of evangelical faith and activism. GONZALEZ: But what brought the big Christian groups to Colorado Springs?

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GONZALEZ: For some people of faith in Colorado Springs, like Kimberly Lieu, the Christian presence is so strong, they stay they felt a spiritual calling to move here. GONZALEZ: Glenn Paauw is the director of Biblica, one of America’s largest Bible publishers.

It was lured to Colorado Springs from New York State in the 1980s.

GONZALEZ: For instance, here’s Dobson in 2009 on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show.

He talked about what he believed was President Obama’s misunderstanding of America’s religious culture.

The city gave Biblica incentives in return for the jobs the organization brought to the community.

GONZALEZ: It now employs nearly 100 people in Colorado Springs.

Here’s the bottom line, if it happens, will I shriek and run around in circles? GONZALEZ: The leader of Focus on the Family says it’s also important for evangelical Christians to reach out and start talking to groups they’ve usually battled with in the public arena.

That ranges from gay rights organizations to the pro-choice group Planned Parenthood.

DALY: If Christian leadership has become so much about winning and victory, it turns us into the predator and the world our prey.

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