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This type of lover is also known to commit to other casual sex relationships. They are looking for the feeling of conquest and typically enter a relationship or hook-up with very little or no intentions of establishing any kind of commitment.They, in most cases, will have more than one sexually active partner at a given time.But this week Vanity Fair published a book excerpt by Emily Chang revealing that Silicon Valley is as sexually debauched as Hollywood, the political world and the media.

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The shift from childhood to adulthood brings on much exploration in different fields. A study published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior reported that sixty percent of college students have participated in a casual relationship.

Wayne State University and Michigan State University conducted a similar survey and sixty-six percent of the undergraduates in this study said they had also been in a casual relationship. Barnes: The psychology of love journal, has come up with two main types of lovers for college aged young adults.

In one study, teens reported that they felt more pressure from their sex education classes than from their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Other segments of adult culture are complicit in sexualizing children at ever-younger ages.

Universities hold sex weeks where porn stars are speakers and sex toy companies display their wares. It should surprise no one that the hookup culture is metastasizing on campuses.

Students attend workshops with titles like “How to Have a Successful Threesome” and a discussion of oral sex called “How Many Licks Does It Take? The rules of the game are: no relationship, no emotional attachment, no commitment.

As I put it in my book “Love Thy Body,” at the root of moral issues is the question: What kind of cosmos do we live in? Or does the natural world reflect some kind of purpose – and behind it, a Person who loves us and has a purpose for our lives?

A society’s worldview ultimately determines whether it treats the human body as just another piece of matter, or whether it grants the body value and dignity, imbuing sexual relations with the depth and significance we all long for. Pearcey is author of the just-released "Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality." She is professor and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University and editor at large of the Pearcey Report.

On one hand, that means we are free to make up our own rules.

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