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Scorpio has incomprehensible almost Faust-like nature with intense inner life and rather extremist attitudes (all or nothing).

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He never forgets injustice and does not recoil from revenge even years later.

He is prone to revenge and cruelty and struggles to gain the power.

Scorpio people are sometimes pessimistic, jealous, suspicious, thoughtless, envious and overly passionate.

Appearance: penetrating and piercing glance, poker face, dark (thick, sometimes curly) hair, dark looks and skin, medium plump or even fat but symmetrical figure, strong bones, short neck, distinctive, sometimes eagle nose, bad legs, either extremely attractive or extremely unattractive (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, although each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope.

Predispositions to diseases: diseases and inflammations of reproductive organs, infections, veneral diseases, vaginitis, urethritis and ovaritis, bladder diseases.

Professional dispositions: occupations connected with death or sexuality – insurance company agent, funeral director, surgeon, pathologist, coroner, healer, gynaecologist, sexologist; jobs requiring sense of exploration – psychologist, psychiatrist, occultist, graphologist, detective, investigator, criminalist, scientific researcher; occupations connected with metals and machines – technician, mechanic, repairman, metal worker, engineer; artistic jobs – satire, acting.

Scorpio usually has great regeneration skills and he can almost miraculously deal even with the stalemate situations.

He desires intense experience which leads him to radical change of his personality.

Characteristics: fixed feminine water sign ruled by Pluto (traditionally it used to be Mars).

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