Scorpio dating site

He feels the urge to uncover mysteries and is courageous enough to cross the borders of the forbidden.

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The life crises he experiences influence his character in a positive way because they lead to the concentration of his powers.

His life success is often ruined by crazily or ineffectively used energy which causes conflicts, mistakes and suffering.

Nature: People born under the sign of Scorpio avoid the average and prefer the extreme, because their Faust-like nature can fully manifest itself rather in an edgy situation than in normal life.

Scorpio people have very suggestive, yet incomprehensible character in which elements of something demonic may be observed.

Characteristics: fixed feminine water sign ruled by Pluto (traditionally it used to be Mars).

Scorpio connects the firmness of the fixed sign, emotionality of the water element with passion of the planet Mars and mysterious power of Pluto.

Scorpio feels the need to control the others quietly.

His belief and desires are so strong they often lead him to the edge of the abyss.

Scorpio is characterised by tenacity, courage and good intuition but he has difficulties with finding compromises.

He possesses the ability to dive into the depths of the soul and endure the exertion. Scorpio is extremely hard but sensitive at the same time.

Scorpio has incomprehensible almost Faust-like nature with intense inner life and rather extremist attitudes (all or nothing).

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