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Before we knew it we had a lot of stuff brewing and it just organically happened.

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I remember when I used to sit at my computer before my first record even came out logging on to Napster and sending private messages to people.

I would look up people who were fans of Jeff Buckley and people who liked The Smiths and I would send the messages saying “Check out Pete Yorn’s ‘Strange Condition”.

My dad tried to orchestrate the whole thing, he encouraged my oldest brother to move out first knowing that we’d all follow each other and he also convinced my mom to retire out in L. We’ve always had a good time working together, I think he’s a great creative partner for what I do.

The only reason we stopped working together for a bit was because I wanted to try other things.

You’ll listen to half a song and then you want to hear something else, with vinyl you’ll sit down and have a side play while having an actual listening experience.

In general, you can’t stop the way the world is going when there’s a tidal wave of technology.

As far as devaluing, I do feel that some people don’t understand that a lot of time, energy, emotion and actual cost goes into making a record on the standard that it’ll be released and get out there.

I do think it’s very cool that vinyl is making a comeback, I think it’s a reaction to how fast you can jump through a playlist on your phone.

You don’t really care too much as long as you can support yourself in some way and you’re not living on the street.

You really want to get the word out to people so they can discover your music.

It’s a bit weird, due to the fact that the songwriters you usually hear people praise can’t match the combination of talent and consistency Yorn has been exuding for over 15 years. I’m very family focused so that’s the biggest thing for me and L. There is that cliché that people are fake, it’s all Hollywood and all that shit, it’s the land of broken dreams and broken promises but there are some fake people back in Jersey, too.

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