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Hobbies may not be the deciding factor for whether or not to follow your account, but they tease the general tone of your social messaging. Your social media bio is the first written thing someone sees when they visit your profile.So, just as your cover photo and profile picture represent your personal or professional brand visually, your bio description can encapsulate the overall tone of your messages.“Alex” instead of “Alexandra”): in this case, use the name that would be most familiar to your online audience.

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Finally, if you’re part of an international organization with branches in many countries, use your social media bio to help you explain where you’re located and which audiences you serve.

Starbucks does this with their regional accounts: With social media bios, the rule of thumb is aim to inform, not impress; hopefully, the latter can be accomplished with the content of your messaging.

For example, Arianna Huffington’s Linked In summary includes “sleep evangelist” as one of the titles she holds, along with editor-in-chief, mother, and flat-shoe advocate (do I spot a trend here? This dovetails nicely with her recent Influencer posts about time affluence, and diversifies her own personal brand to include something beyond the job title.

Brands can use their social media bios as an opportunity to highlight company values or talk about their mission.

When it comes to personal accounts, it’s considered a best practice to include the name or official handle of your employer on your public-facing profiles.

This will help make your profile more discoverable for anyone who wants to reach out online, and give a sneak peek of your resume.

For brand profiles, social media bios are a good channel to roll out your new positioning.

If you’re part of a new team or starting your own business, chances are, the focus of your products and services will change in time to better accommodate the needs of your customers.

This serves two purposes: it attracts like-minded individuals to check out your social channel, and it also helps you increase the potential reach of your profile by including certain keywords in your social media bio.

Showing off your interests gives you an opportunity to stand out from other people with similar job descriptions: there may be a lot of comedians on Twitter, but how many of them are self-proclaimed pasta lovers?

Make sure your bio description reflects these changes.

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