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In 1985, Train became chairman of the board of directors of World Wildlife Fund and The Conservation Foundation and served as chairman until 1994.

In this same year, the Conservation Foundation formally affiliated with WWF.

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An ancestor, John Trayne, had emigrated from Scotland to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635.

A man of exquisite manners, he was trained in the ways of Washington from an early age. Train and his older brothers, Cuthbert and Middleton, to spend the night at the White House, where they slept in the Andrew Jackson bedroom and breakfasted with the president and Mrs.

Through these debt-for-nature swaps, WWF started to convert portions of national debts into funding for conservation, beginning in the mid-eighties.

Through Train’s efforts, in 1983 the WWF-administered J.

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The 32-year-old, who inked a five-year deal last fall, is enjoying his first spring in the city where he was born.

His early years were spent with his mother in Chelsea, Que., before he moved to Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood with his father.

Russell Errol Train (June 4, 1920 – September 17, 2012) was the second administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), from September 1973 to January 1977 and the founder chairman emeritus of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). He promulgated the idea that as the economy of the nation was growing quickly, public as well as private projects should consider and evaluate the environmental impacts of their actions.

Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Train is generally credited with helping to place the issue of the environment on the presidential and national agenda in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a key period in the environmental movement.

Though the organizations shared the same board of directors as well as some staff, they remained separate legal entities until their merger in 1990.

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