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Train was born on June 4, 1920 in Jamestown, Rhode Island, but grew up in Washington, D. His father was an officer in the United States Navy who was frequently away on assignment. Charles Russell Train and the former Errol Cuthbert.

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Train was recognized as “a tireless advocate for the cause of the environment since 1961…

the architect of an environmental agenda without parallel in history in its scope…and as a “truly outstanding example of how a single life can make a difference in the world.” Train collected printed books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, artifacts, and artwork on African exploration, big-game hunting, natural history, and wildlife conservation, dating primarily from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Train Africana Collection was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, where it is housed in the Joseph F.

In September 1994, Train was elected WWF chairman emeritus. Train Education for Nature (EFN) Program to help build capacity for conservation in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by supporting academic and mid-career training.

To date, EFN has awarded over 1,200 scholarships and training grants totaling 11.3 million since its establishment.

In 1985, Train became chairman of the board of directors of World Wildlife Fund and The Conservation Foundation and served as chairman until 1994.

In this same year, the Conservation Foundation formally affiliated with WWF.

His father had an office at the White House, where he served as President Herbert Hoover’s Naval aide. Hoover on the portico overlooking the Ellipse and the Washington Monument. In 1959, Train founded the Wildlife Leadership Foundation in hopes of establishing effective wildlife parks and reserves. C., on December 1, 1961, Russell Train became its first ever Vice-President; in later years he was named Chair Emeritus of the WWF.

“I think what made the greatest impression on me,” he wrote years later, “were the tall glasses of fresh California orange juice. While there he was in the United States Army ROTC program and upon graduation entered the Army as an officer. In 1961, he founded the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to aid Africans in developing capacity to manage their own wildlife resources. He also helped establish the College of African Wildlife Management at Mweka (near Moshi), Tanzania. He was President of The Conservation Foundation from 1965 to 1969.

Other than visits here with various ball clubs, including the New York Yankees, with whom he played during the 20 seasons, Martin hasn’t spent much time in Toronto since leaving as a child.

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