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I am very thankful to RSVP and all the ladies that have given me a chance, I am a happy person this day because of it and only want others to succeed too.

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A few gentlmen went mad when I told them I wish to end our chatting (after chatting for a while I realize we were not compatible or they appearred to me as players).

Since then, going silence is seems to better choice for me:( Lots of middle class men on RSVP just want to hunt unicorn or look for the thrill of firstdate. Yes this may come as a shock to most but we were paid to write fake profiles for rsvp and oasis active along with an Asian friend of mine as she speaks Chinese, you need to realise the motivation is in getting the traffic and of course men to pay money, these sites with the right amount of traffic are worth tens of millions and as there is no independent / auditor checks and balances there free to go crazy which is what they do, and yes all those "kisses are designed to get your money" no there not real well most anyway, Oasis active started with 70k profiles from launch day, really where you think they came from, Ashley maddsion was getting 5k people per day sign up haha when there traffic was less than 650 hits per day, its impossible for 5k people to be signing up when only 650 users are going to the site, and each time you refresh the browser it counts as a hit hahahah Before purchasing the stamps I'd received 24 RSVP messages say I have mail from women but because I wasn't a paying member I couldn't open them to read.

au is pretty easy to use, there is a detailed search engine which you can fine tune for the partner you're after.

A privacy mode which I've used extensively to prevent people from being able to find you, if you're the traditional type like me, this is a great feature because it allows you to initiate the first contact.

I'm guessing Paypal doesn't let payments go through because there are so many complaints? I felt very bad as most man on the site were not that patient to wait for the reply and kept sending message and message. So many of the profiles on RSVP are fake and appear to be there to get you to buy stamps.

I got scared and deleted my profile from the site to live in peace. Try and tell me that isn't a fake profile to make me buy more stamps. When you buy stamps and send a message you then don't hear back from the person you contacted. As a newly single, middle age professional man, I decided to try rsvp, despite having coffee dates and making new friends through work to expand my opportunities.Please change the body type section so that people can put in their actual weight. I have to update because I just discovered that the BF I thought was decent & divorced is actually very much married! Also met 3 decent men, although 1 became a bit of stalker when I said we'll just be friends. In fact, I actually found more success by underselling myself, it's sets you up to impress on your first date!Reported to RSVP & can't do anything other than suspend him. 3 guys I met on this site were married but said ' there wasn't any marriage' or my Ex said ' it's not valid coz it was done overseas'! Another one has become my bf, such well mannered and very decent man. I chose to date through RSVP because I used to be a workaholic, I love my sleep and I loathe loud music.but they could do a lot more and act quicker to avoid people giving up on their site.That being said, I did happen to find my wonderful wife via the site... Too bad, when I joined about 6 years ago it was the only Australian site worth belonging to for older professionals.The first was excellent but she didn't like my being still formally married, the other three, well I got to hear a lot of good stories about what it was like being on RSVP.

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