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If they don't go out with a jerk then they go out with the "bad boy".

When a man asks me that question, I ask them why do they feel compelled to have an answer to that?

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Nothing happens if you do not do anything, so make sure you start taking action today!

Rod Cortez is an international dating coach who can show you proven methods for meeting, talking to, and dating attractive women.

He didn't believe me until I got a note from my therapist. First, you have to realize and believe that women place physical looks a lot lower than men do. Sure you do, but for each one there are 100 more for men and I'm not exaggerating. They become attracted by what they hear, feel, and then what they see. This is why it's very critical to have a healthy self image. I had a lot of issues with my father, who was a verbally abusive drunk who put me down every single day. Four therapists later I finally found one that understood me and what needed to be done. While women are not as visual as men are you still need to get the basics covered.

Whitened your teeth, get rid of the glasses if you have them, start working out and eating better, if you're starting to lose hair go bald (bald is sexy, if you don't believe me go buy the book The Game by Neil Strauss which is a true story on how a short, bald guy became one of the best pick up artists in the world). Go grab the book Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

She wants a man who has his own life, has goals, and ambition.

He doesn't live with his parents, he has his own place, and does not have financial problems. When she's ready she will want a man who can commit - When a woman begins developing feelings for you, she will let you know it.So we come full circle and get back to the common question that men ask me and that is "what do women really want? Every woman is unique and different, but over the years I've noticed some commonalities that they share.We are assuming that we are also talking about emotionally healthy women that are not dealing with a lot of personal issues.Before a man can answer that question he first needs to be able to answer "what do I want in a woman?" Every man has a different set of beliefs, values, and preferences and he should really put some thought on how important they are to him.That book changed my life forever and I still read it once a year (the key to mastery is repetition).

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